The Buccaneer Ice Cream and Candies

About Us


Our location has been serving ice cream to families in Avalon since 1968; First as the Pennsylvania Dutch House, and now as the Buccaneer. We set out to make the Buccaneer a destination for vacationing families to enjoy the highest quality ice cream and relax. We also wanted to create a fun atmosphere reminiscent of great childhood memories, and provide an outstanding family gathering place as well.


Fun and Entertainment


Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, there will not be any outdoor entertainment this year.


An Ice Cream Menu full of Homemade Specialties

At the Buccaneer all our Waffle cones and bowls are homemade. We also have them dipped in chocolate, or drenched in chocolate covered in jimmies.

The Buccaneer features 32 flavors of ice cream, shakes, floats, malts, gelati, water ice and sundaes! We have very creative "Pirate" sundaes and the biggest of them all the "SHIPWRECK"! The Shipwreck is 12 scoops of ice cream, 15 toppings, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry all served in a pirate hat.

When someone orders the Shipwreck, we ring the ships bell and all yell Shipwreck! You also get your picture taken and placed on the wall.


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2659 Dune Drive Avalon, NJ  |  (609) 976-1110   | Call to place your pickup order  |  Open Daily 12pm to 10